Primary research assists with our tacit knowledge to give high value, informed and pertinent advice.

Internet scale technology

In 2007, efforts were directed into Research & Development around Software as a Service provisioning into Horizontal Portal Technology. This resulted in a Commercialising Emerging Technology (COMET) grant in 2008.

With the emergence of Cloud Computing in 2009, efforts were redirected into Cloud hosted SaaS provisioning. Primary research was performed in this timeframe on understanding the Australian ISVs (Independent Software Vendor) market and its ability to adopt Cloud Computing as a buiness model for their customers.

In addition Cloud Computing work loads have been explored during the 2010, 2011, 2012 timeframe leveraging NoSQL, Apache Hadoop, Big Data, Data Science and Advanced Analytics.

Starting from 2007, Social Media has formed a key part of the tool set. Tacit knowledge has been gleamed through participating online in multiple mediums, through running virtual project teams, presenting presentations on Social Media and via writing our own blogs.

This research has enabled Toast Technology Pty Ltd, to be a valuable partner to our customers. Why? We have the theoretical and practical knowledge to accelerate succesful adoption of this technology for the ongoing profitability and benefit of our customers.