Common services provided

Consulting ServiceDescription
Problem DefinitionWorking with you, we model the problem domain with known techniques to articulate the what that is being addressed. Constraints are also documented to ensure budgetary, resourcing and timeframes needs are understood for the final recommendation of any proposed solution. Within the problem definition it is also common to evalute at a high level up to three possible alternate solutions.
Executive EducationTechnology innovation is increasing at an accelerated rate, which can be daunting for some but a source of inspiration for others. We take the time to gain an understanding of how executives perceive technology. Some appear to innately fear the "new" but most understand that it's progress can not be ignored. So we create or use existing material to show in a non-threatening manner how it can be leveraged for benefit now in your organisation through personalised presentations.
Data ModellingThe amount of data captured is growing at an exponential rate in both structured and unstructured forms. Yet very little is done with it. We provide services to understand your existing data to then prescribe a strategy to leverage it as an asset on an going basis.
Surrogate CIOThis offering helps to bridge the gap between inhouse technology professionals, external vendors and the business. It provides executive level review, advice and strategy to assist with ongoing investment into ICT.
Technology RoadmapsBig Data, Social Media, Cloud Computing and Software as a Service are now a critical component of business and an ICT strategy. A Technology Roadmap helps to lay a pathway for adoption. This not only provides opportunity to guide future investments but gives direction to staff, to keep them enthused when they feel bogged down with legacy environments.
Environment Scanning ReportsSometimes it takes fresh eyes to understand what is considered to be yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's best practices or technology in your industry. Our consultants provide those fresh eyes and can engage on your behalf, to research what others are doing in your industry as well as gaining an understanding of what vendor offerings are available in market, with associated costings. Our efforts to date in this area, have been where there has been a cross over between engineering endeavours and ICT. In particular related to sensors and data acquistion.